man I miss this blog

I love The Phoenix more than MSKWYDITD tbh.

I don’t know if I like The Phoenix more the MSKWYDITD, but I think it’s more… exciting. It’s getting people pumped, me included, mostly because of the crazy music video. I’ll be wearing my war paint for a long, long time. ;)

My Songs and The Phoenix sound so different. But I’m definitely excited for Save Rock and Roll. I’m glad the boys are back

Any opinions on The Phoenix? Excited for the new album? Any show stories?



I’m going to start posting gif confessions again… If you’d like your confession on a gif leave a link to the video when you submit or if it’s on anon leave the title of the video and be sure to include the approximate time stamp you want giffed :)



I have this idea that Pete would be a really selfish lover

Anyone meet Pete Wentz today? Or Any show stories you want to share?




I didn’t hear FOB or Blink 182 that much and then I did again and was in the full hiatus crisis thing and right then both of the bands came back. It’s the same with both bands, I come really into that fandom and suddenly they’re back :D